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  2. Unrest Stifles Development
  3. Despite Intervention, Haiti's Infrastructure Remains in Tatters
  4. Political Turmoil Continues
  5. Devastating Earthquake Exposes Weaknesses in Infrastructure
  6. Former Dictator Returns to Haiti Where He Passes Away Three Years Later
  7. President Martelly Struggles to Form Government
  8. Prime Minister Resigns, Causing More Political Chaos
  9. Years After Earthquake, Haiti Still Struggles to Recover
Years After Earthquake, Haiti Still Struggles to Recover

Two and a half years since the January 12, 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, the nation was still knee-deep in recovery mode. Despite billions of dollars in aid, many people were still without safe, permanent housing in the fall of 2012. In fact, hundreds of thousands were still living in tent camps while tens of thousands were staying in buildings badly damaged during the earthquake.

Prime Minister Lamothe resigned due to personal reasons in December 2014. Former Democratic United Committee president Evans Paul became Haiti's new prime minister the following month.

With a runoff presidential election indefinitely postponed, President Michel Martelly's term ended and he left office on Feb. 7, 2016, without his replacement chosen. Parliament would elect an interim president by mid-Feb. In the meantime, Prime Minister Evans Paul would act as head of state.

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