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Flag of Haiti
  1. Haiti Main Page
  2. Unrest Stifles Development
  3. Despite Intervention, Haiti's Infrastructure Remains in Tatters
  4. Political Turmoil Continues
  5. Devastating Earthquake Exposes Weaknesses in Infrastructure
  6. Former Dictator Returns and a New President is Elected
  7. President Martelly Struggles to Form Government
  8. Prime Minister Resigns Causing More Political Chaos
  9. Tropical Storm Hits Nation Still Recovering from Earthquake
Former Dictator Returns and a New President is Elected

In January 2011, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, a former dictator, returned unexpectedly to Haiti, where he was questioned by prosecutors who charged him with embezzlement and corruption before releasing him. He remained in Haiti while the courts sorted through all the pending corruption charges and human rights charges against him. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the former president of Haiti, also returned. He returned home to Haiti from exile in South Africa. The return of both men coincided with a dispute over the result of the presidential election. Both Duvalier and Aristide claimed that they are interested in national reconciliation.

In a leaked report reviewing Haiti's November 2010 presidential election, the Organization of American States found that Michel Martelly, a popular musician, had obtained more votes than Jude Celestin, the candidate of the outgoing government. The report said that Martelly, not Celestin, should face Mirlande Manigat, a former first lady, in the March 2011 run-off election. Following strong pressure from the United States, a member of the ruling party said its candidate, Jude Celestin, would withdraw from a run-off election for the presidency. Celestin's withdrawal was seen as a sign of the end of Haiti's political impasse. In April, it was announced that Martelly, also known as Sweet Mickey or Tet Kale (bald head), won the run-off election against Manigat in a landslide, receiving 68% of the vote. Martelly took office in May 2011 and named Daniel Gerard Rouzier, a U.S. educated businessman, as Prime Minister. The new government continues to deal with the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake, including an ongoing cholera outbreak and the 66,000 Haitians still living in tent cities.

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