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Flag of Belarus
  1. Belarus Main Page
  2. Expanded Presidential Power Leads to Oppression and Corruption
  3. Relationship With Russia Is Tested
  4. Lukashenka's Reelection Causes Protest and Controversy
  5. Russia Bails Out Belarus
  6. Lukashenka's Government Continues to Hold Sway Despite EU Sanctions
Russia Bails Out Belarus

In June 2011, Russia agreed to loan Belarus $3 billion, which will be disbursed over three years. In exchange for the loan, Russian officials demanded that Belarus sell its factories to Russian companies, thus privatizing much of its state-owned industries. More money came in November when Russia agreed on a gas deal that gave Belarus more than $14 billion in loans and discounts on natural gas. In return, Belarus gave full control of Yamal-Europe, its natural gas pipeline, which runs to Europe, to Gazprom, a Russian energy company. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the deal and Gazprom's control of the pipeline from Siberia to the border of Poland will "ease relations with Belarus for years to come."

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