Ranger's Apprentice Character List

From our hero Will to the mercenary Skandians

by Beth Rowen
Ranger's Apprentice, The Burning Bridge

The second installment: Ranger's Apprentice, The Burning Bridge

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Will had hoped to become a knight in Battleschool, but was rejected because of his small size. His agility, intelligence, and wit, however, prove to be perfectly suited for an apprenticeship under the master Ranger, Halt. Will establishes himself as both a skilled warrior and strategist.


Will's master earned fame and respect for defeating Morgarath and sending him, humiliated and bent on revenge, into retreat. Don't be fooled by Halt's stature: his skills with a bow and knife put him head and shoulders above even the most formidable foe. Beneath Halt's grumpy and serious facade lie compassion and a dry sense of humor.


A Warrior apprentice who bullied Will when they were wards at Redmont Castle, Horace becomes Will's closest friend and confidant. The two team up to confront the many challenges posed to them by Morgarath and his army of evil beasts and warriors. Horace is known for his strength, swordsmanship, and common sense.


Halt's former apprentice, Gilan puts his exceptional skills and determination into practice as the Araluens defend their kingdom against Morgarath. Although he trained as a Ranger, Gilan excels at swordsmanship. His father, Sir David, is the supreme commander of King Duncan's army.


Evanlyn meets Will, Gilan, and Horace after her party has a deadly encounter with the Wargals. She joins their battle against Morgarath's forces. Smart, resourceful, and brave, Evanlyn establishes herself as an indispensable member of their team. She holds a secret that could threaten her life if revealed.


After spending 15 years in exile in the Mountains of Rain and Night, the diabolical Morgarath thinks he has devised the perfect plan to defeat King Duncan's army, take over Araluen, and seek revenge on Halt. He enlists the Wargals, the Kalkaras, and the Skandians, who certainly put King Duncan's warriors to the ultimate test.


Erak leads the Skandian army, which was hired by Morgarath to attack Araluen. He captures Will and Evanlyn, who eventually earn Erak's respect with their courage and resourcefulness. He's an enemy with a conscience.


Alyss was accepted into the Diplomatic Service as an apprentice under Lady Pauline. She accompanies Halt on a mission to Celtica, where she learns that diplomacy can be challenging, particularly for a young woman.


Morgarath enlists these half-human, half-beasts to fight alongside his army in his attempt to conquer Araluen. The gruesome—and fearsome—creatures fear only one thing. Will that fear prove fatal?


Depending on who hires the Skandians, these mercenaries can be either friend or foe to the Araluens. Known as sea raiders, the Skandians travel by ship to each battle and use their large stature and expertise with the battleaxe to great effect.

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