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John Banner


Born: 28 January 1910
Died: 28 January 1973 (internal injuries )
Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
Best known as: Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes
John Banner, a Jew, fled his native Austria in 1938 after the Nazi Anschluss. Years later he got his revenge by playing the buffoonish German sergeant Hans Schultz in the popular American TV series Hogan's Heroes. Schultz's nervous catch-phrase, "I know nothing! Nooooothing!" is still in pop culture circulation. Banner had character roles in many movies, including To The Victor (1948), Never Say Goodbye (1956) and The Interns (1962); he played Nazi Rudolf Hess in Operation Eichmann (1961).
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Banner’s co-stars on Hogan’s Heroes included Bob Crane as Hogan and Richard Dawson as Newkirk.

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