Jeane Dixon

Columnist / Prognosticator

Born: 3 January 1918
Died: 25 January 1997 (heart attack)
Birthplace: Medford, Wisconsin
Best known as: Popular astrologer and psychic
A Roman Catholic, Jeane Dixon believed she had a gift from God that allowed her to foretell the future. In 1956 she predicted that a Democrat would win the 1960 presidential election, and that he would be assassinated while in office. When John Kennedy was killed, Dixon became famous. In 1965 a book about Dixon sold millions of copies, and she became a syndicated newspaper columnist, delivering horoscopes and advice. For many years supermarket tabloids relied on Dixon's annual predictions, most of which didn't come true.
Extra credit:

For a short time, Dixon was an advisor to Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

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