Pro Wrestler / TV Personality

Born: 27 December 1970
Birthplace: Rochester, New York
Best known as: Burly former female champion of the WWF

Name at birth: Joanie Laurer

A star of professional wrestling at the end of the 1990s, Chyna followed in the footsteps of World Wrestling Federation trailblazer Sable. Chyna began with the WWF in 1997 as a "valet" in the scripted wrestling league, then moved up to full wrassler status. She made a name for herself as a scowling and extra-buxom powerhouse, winning the nickname "The Ninth Wonder of the World." She upped her profile by appearing on cover of Playboy magazine in November of 2000. In 2001 her autobiography, If They Only Knew, made the New York Times best-seller list. Chyna's career took a nosedive after she left the WWF in 2001, intent on becoming a star on her own. She didn't become a star, but she's remained famous, sort of. In 2004 she appeared in the VH1 "reality" series for former celebrities, The Surreal Life, and in 2007 she popped up as a substance abuser in the reality show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Extra credit:

Since the name Chyna was owned by the WWF itself, Laurer sometimes appeared under the name Chynna Doll after striking out on her own.

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