The Bush Twins

Political Relative / Twins

Born: 25 November 1981
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Best known as:

The twin daughters of George W. Bush

Twins Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush are the only children of former U.S. president George W. Bush and his wife Laura. They are fraternal twins, not identical. Barbara was born first and is named after her grandmother, the former First Lady and wife of George Bush the elder. Jenna is named for the twins' other grandmother, Jenna Welch, mother of Laura Bush. In the fall of 2000, as their father was running for his first term as U.S. president, both girls began attending college: Barbara at Yale and Jenna at the University of Texas. Both had well-publicized brushes with the law during their college years: Jenna Bush was cited for underage drinking in an Austin bar in April of 2001; she later pleaded no contest and was sentenced to community service and alcohol awareness classes. A second incident occurred on 30 May 2001, when both girls were cited by police after attempting to buy drinks at an Austin restaurant. Both twins graduated from their respective colleges in May of 2004. Jenna Bush married her longtime boyfriend, Henry Hager, on 10 May 2008 in Crawford, Texas. George W. Bush left office and returned to private life in January of 2009.

Extra credit:

Jenna Bush is the blonde twin; Barbara Bush is brunette... A 2003 Associated Press report noted the Secret Service code names for the twins were: Twinkle for Jenna, Turquoise for Barbara.

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